How to Approach Diversity


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U2 was considering breaking up; they just couldn’t come up with anything SOMEONE in the band didn’t hate.

They were working together in a cottage somewhere, and one of the guys starting noodling, and before long, this song had almost written itself. Bono says it’s why they bothered going on; they all knew that this song was really about their 30 years of friendship.

Page’s work sounds fascinating. Must check into it.

Thanks for that bit of music history, Joel. Makes sense. And I’m glad they stayed together. Genius artists.

What kills me, and yet cracks me up, is how horrible the music sound is through this phone recording. I guess that’s why I do it, or leave it the way it is, because it’s so awful that it’s hilarious.

I promise that it sounds much better in person, which I think everyone knows – when you’re in a car and you crank up the volume, the music sounds great. And it’s fun to sing along at the top of your lungs because no one else can hear you. (Or so you think.)

It’s funny how the mic can pick up my voice but not the music. When the music is loud, you always think you sound more in tune than you really are. Oh well.

I know, that’s way over the limit for a youtube video, but I think the last 30 minutes is Q&A, so just start watching and see if it gets interesting for you. He’s actually a good presenter.

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