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Tour of the Gila – Day 3

3 replies on “Tour of the Gila – Day 3”

Hmmm . . . I thought I heard the whole thing.

Wait; where did I get motorcycling from? I first thought you were talking about bicycles, but something changed my mind.

Yeah, they’re different, what with not having motors and all that.

Your blog is a fairly casual place. I’m sure glad I don’t have to dress up to read; er, listen to it.

I guess we were given some bad info, our whole conversation was recorded, so I’m glad. I just wish I stuck the phone closer to his mouth.

Well, that’s how you learn to use a new medium, trial and error. You can’t learn unless you try and make some errors.

Thanks for staying casual. I think the ‘published’ nature of the internet has trained our minds to think that everything has to be perfect for public consumption, but if you think of some of these things as tools, like a telephone, you just use them to communicate, and you don’t get all worried about the polished details.

Besides, I hardly think of this as public. It’s like a grain of sand on the beach, yeah it’s exposed to everyone, but who’s going to pick it up?

The semi-public one-way nature of all this is a little disconcerting, or confusing, yeah. I like the balance of making sure what’s here is worthwhile, but treating it like a casual conversation with friends.

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