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I just thought I’d test out the video from my new phone.  Pretty nice, but really shaky, sorry.  My other camera has an anti-shake feature.

It’s pretty cool how I can upload it to YouTube instantly too.

But I guess that means that it won’t have cool intro music.  Oh well, there are always trade-offs.


  1. How does the phone say still? Velcro? Duct tape?

    Wait, you’re holding it? Bad Rex!

    Use the CD player in the car for intro music, eh? Your voice is clear, background noise is minimal.

    • CD player? Sorry, this is an old car, no CD player, only radio. And if I have too much of a popular song included in my video, YouTube will give me a warning, “Your content may be under copyright.”

      But I might be able to slip in enough for an intro.

      I guess I could always bring a portable CD player with me, but then we’re getting complicated.

      …and I’ll need more blankets.

      (You know, as cover, so as not to tempt those dang thieves.)

  2. the camera is good. cant wait for the tour of Gila video!!!!!

    • Thanks. Keep prodding me bro.

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