Shoot and Upload Video with Phone

I just thought I’d test out the video from my new phone.  Pretty nice, but really shaky, sorry.  My other camera has an anti-shake feature.

It’s pretty cool how I can upload it to YouTube instantly too.

But I guess that means that it won’t have cool intro music.  Oh well, there are always trade-offs.

4 replies on “Shoot and Upload Video with Phone”

CD player? Sorry, this is an old car, no CD player, only radio. And if I have too much of a popular song included in my video, YouTube will give me a warning, “Your content may be under copyright.”

But I might be able to slip in enough for an intro.

I guess I could always bring a portable CD player with me, but then we’re getting complicated.

…and I’ll need more blankets.

(You know, as cover, so as not to tempt those dang thieves.)

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