Back Again

I found this again!

Is it wrong when almost every post on this blog is about how I’m not consistent at all in writing in here?

Okay, well, maybe not every post.

But I do it often. Why?

I think I’m getting old. But I’m not. I’m only in my 50’s, which I’m calling my prime now (because I can 🙂

I’m actually not sure of the reason. I truly just totally forgot about this.

I think it might be because this is like a private public space. It’s pretty much private because I know no one reads it, or maybe just a handful of you. But, it’s also public, because anyone could read it. So, I need to write so anyone can. It’s just not something I’m actively trying to expand or increase my reach. I really just write in here for my own therapy.

In fact, I was just writing this morning in my daily writing platform and saying how I wouldn’t mind if anyone (well, family, or anyone who would be able to get a hold of them) read my journals or writings on this platform. Sure, it’s personal, but it’s not the deeply crazy personal stuff that a teenage girl might write in her diary that she doesn’t want anyone to read ever. I honestly don’t know why they would do that. If you put something out where it can be accessed, then it should be okay for it to be accessed. I want my kids to sneak into my room and open my journals and read them. They might learn something. Writing should be read.

Anyway, I just wanted to point out that I do write every day. It’s mostly blather and dumping thoughts out of my mind, but I also record stuff that happens, so it is a history and a thinking machine too. It helps me process stuff.

And, as you can see, I can easily just ramble on with what I’m thinking now. I think that might be a good skill. Not sure.

And maybe it’s time for me to be more public.

To write here on this blog or others, to share something interesting or valuable.

I still have a dream.

Thanks for listening.

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