My Secret Message

It’s funny. I set this up years ago. Many years ago. And yet no one has taken the opportunity to use this function. I thought it was pretty ingenious, but maybe it’s not so cool after all.

Here’s the secret.

You know how you’ve seen lots of audio posts on this blog? That is done by using a pretty cool WordPress feature that they developed years ago. They give you a unique phone number and password, and all you have to do is call the number, enter the password and start talking. Then when you hang up, it automatically posts the recording to this blog! Genius!

So, it makes it super easy to post. I could post something every day. And I was for a while.

Then I thought of a different way to use it. What if I gave you the number and let you record a post??! Or a comment to one of my posts, or whatever!

And that’s the secret. If you sign up for my secret newsletter, you’ll get the number and password and you can call in and make an audio post right here.

Now, that is pretty risky. Anybody could call in and say anything. But, I figure most people will be nice. Plus, I can also delete it if I want. And since no one is reading or listening to this anyway, it wouldn’t be that damaging 🙂

But try it out. If you want to. It’s pretty cool. I’d be honored if you said something here. It would probably be best if you said who you were.

Make sure you click on the ‘Sign up for my secret message’ link at the bottom of this page, and not the Subscribe button, that’s different.

It’s a collaboration!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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