A blog is cool

Two posts in the same month is pretty good.

There’s nothing to really read here, but I’m glad you’re reading it. It does actually mean something. I put these words here myself. From my own brain. And now, you’re reading them.

Isn’t that awesome?

I know, I’m easily amused.

But if you think about what’s happening, or what happened a while ago, like before you read this just now, things had to be in place for you to experience this. And I did all that work! So yay for me!

See, I have done something. In fact, when I look through all my word press blogs, I actually have 16 different sites. Hard to believe, I know, but they’re free! And back in the day, when they were popular and just getting started, I started one for each of my kids, and for other stuff too.

So my kids still have a place they could blog if they wanted to, but for some reason, Instagram or Snapchat or Facebook (for my oldest) is more appealing. They don’t understand the value of having your own space. Not something owned by someone else. A web site is your own. I still believe in that. And there are a bunch of platforms that allow you to create your own web space. Everyone should have one.

So tell me yours.

And maybe I’ll tell you about my others.

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