I thought you were doing that…

They say all failures in business come down to poor communication.

(I don’t know if ‘they’ say that. But I just did.)

We just experienced a small failure in our group, and it was because someone thought someone else was taking care of a task, but they weren’t. So, as a consequence, one of our team members had an awful time joining our group during the pandemic because no one was reaching out to her and showing her the ropes about our group.

And that bothers me.

I really care about the experience of our team members. I would have taken on the task if I knew it wasn’t being done. I think this has taught me that you should never assume certain things, and that you can always make someone feel welcome to your group.

Don’t leave that to someone else. Everyone counts.

On the road

Episode 8 – Everyone has a unique lens

Web sites


I don’t remember what I signed up for, but I’ve been receiving a daily email called Ragan’s Daily Headlines that contains main headlines from which is a site for internal business communicators.  Even though I’m not an official ‘communicator,’ I do similar work as I communicate with people inside the Boeing company. 

And this Ragan site has some great info.  Relevant stories, videos, and discussions from people trying to make things happen within big corporations.  Again, I found a place with more stuff to learn.

Will it ever end?

 Of course their business model is to hook you with good stuff, then make you subscribe if you want more of their good stuff.  Some articles require you to be a member of ‘Ragan Select’.  But there’s plenty of free stuff for me.


Be nice and personal, you’ll have more friends

I really liked what Seth said in his blog here.

Many business and marketers think the effeciency of communication through the web allows them exploit it by capitalizing on the quantity of messages they produce.  It is so prevelant that we have a word for it – spamming – and it is not a nice word.  Everyone hates spam, so why does it still exist?  Because the old marketing paradigm still exists, and when this (not so) new tool is applied to the old paradigm, it appears as something that can produce results for free.

But we know that the old paradigm is fading, not really working anymore, and being replaced by a new paradigm, which is actually a reprise of a really old paradigm – actual personal human connection.

What people are finding out is that the web communication efficiency is allowing them to have personal human interaction and connection with a lot more people than they could in person (which was the really old paradigm of small town personal service, where everybody knows everybody.)  This is actually way more effective for spreading ideas, getting things done, starting a movement, accumulating customers, or anything you want to do, than impersonal, cookie cutter broadcast messages to the world.  Those kind of messages don’t talk to directly to me, so I don’t really want to respond.  But if a real person who I have a relationship with is talking to me, I listen, I respond.

So how this relates to Seth’s post is that you can be you, and nice, and personal on the web, which helps you to have positive relationships with a lot more people.

And if you have that, well, you can do anything.