New York, New York (to meet the Triiibe, and Seth)

I was there!

Yes, I made the trek from one end of the country to the other just to meet some people in person that I only knew online.  Plus, it was an opportunity to meet Seth Godin.  But the real reason was to bond with the Triiibe.

I know I’ve probably mentioned it before, but here’s a little background.  Before Seth’s last book launch, Tribes, he offered an invitation to join his online community if you purchased the book before it was released.  I knew it was going to be good, and I’d probably buy one anyway so I said, why not?

So I joined Seth’s exclusive community on the platform, and it was pretty fun.  Here was all of these diverse and interesting people from all over the world starting up conversations about the new marketing, building communities (tribes), and making a difference in the world.  Seth basically set the guidelines and left us alone.  He didn’t do any directing except eliminating people who were spammy self promoters, to make sure the conversations were real and authentic, and to keep out the online riff-raff.

We began working on projects together, collaborated on a couple of ebooks, and generally had a good time discussing things.  Over time, different people would drop in and out of activity, but if you hung around you knew who was who. 

And then things got personal.  We helped console someone through a death in the family, we provided moral support to someone going through a major surgery (sent lots of cards and flowers), and helped others get their personal business off the ground.  We dabled in consulting by providing recommendations to a business with a specific problem. We started all kinds of sub-groups from surfing to online marketing to wordpress users and developed bonds as we shared things in common and learned from the wisdom of the group.  We even helped one of our members win a contest to be able to be Dan Pink’s guest and speak at TED.

Some of us who were closely located met in person occasionally.  But this year we decided to make it big and organize a Triiibes Conference (although nobody liked that word).  And there was no better opportunity than Seth’s Linchpin book launch in New York.  He let us in on the information about it way ahead of time so we could start planning.

So a small group of us put the plans and details in place and made it happen.

It was a truly remarkable experience, some might even say ‘life changing’.  But not necessarily because of the activities we planned, but because of the opportunity to connect in person with some really amazing people who we had already gotten to know well online.

It really is hard to put into words the feelings I had about the experience.  People were so generous and willing to share.  And there was a lot of great sharing going on.  We learned about each others’ business or positions, learned about some great ideas people were working on, and also helped each other with problems or roadblocks that we were encountering.

It was like a big family reunion, because we all knew each other, and even had some inside jokes around discussions that we had online.  And people came from all over the world: London, Slovenia, Belgium, Texas, California, and Washington (me), plus those in and closer to New York.  People were committed to this event.

We spent all day on a Thursday together getting to know each other, giving presentations and socializing at the Williams Club (a coincidence, or not). Then Thursday night we had a private dinner with Seth at a small Asian place with food we’ll never forget.  Friday morning was the public Linchpin Session with Seth where about 500 people showed up to see his presentation and get some books signed. Then in the afternoon, we met again as a Triiibe, along with a couple of new friends we met at Seth’s session, at the Williams Club for more discussion and a nice catered dinner.  After dinner we just socialized and talked some more, late into the evening until the club kicked us out.

Connections were made, friendships deepened, and new desire was spawned to make a difference and do work that matters.    It will always be considered a milestone event for me and many others.

It’s amazing what a small group of people can accomplish.

What will you do?


Are You a Linchpin?

Do you remember what a Linchpin is?

It’s a piece of hardware that keeps the wheels on.  Not on today’s cars, but on wagons many years ago.  Today, they keep all kinds of things together.  The linchpin has the highest usefulness to weight ratio of any other part.  Without one, your whole system falls apart.  It’s indispensable.

And that’s exactly what Seth Godin says you can be.

Quoted as being his “most important work ever” Seth’s latest book, Linchpin, cuts straight to the core of where making change happens: inside each individual’s brain and their ability to choose.

“This time it’s personal” he says.  Not personal for him (although it is very much so) but personal for you.  He wants you to make a personal choice.  He wants you to choose to make a difference.

When we understand that a simple decision is all that is necessary to get started, it doesn’t seem too far out of reach.  And when we believe the fact that we all have a little genius in us, capable of looking at something that others are stuck on and getting them unstuck, then we can begin to create our art – the thing that only we can do, that changes other people for the better.

I experienced linchpin-like change when I ignored my lizard brain that tries to keep me safe and in the status quo, and traveled to New York for Seth’s launch presentation of this book and to meet members of his online community that he created for his previous book, Tribes. It was a remarkable experience that needs a separate post.

Right now, I just want to say that this work of art from Seth is so packed with powerful concepts that it’s going to take a few readings and underlining to help me really understand and apply it effectively.  From my first read-through I know that I need to develop the skills of becoming indispensable to those around me. 

For me, more studying is necessary because he doesn’t provide a map, he doesn’t tell you how to do it.  He only explains the skills, abilities, and characteristics of a linchpin, and why they are so critical in today’s environment.   Without the map, the easy ‘how to’ answers, Seth makes attaining linchpin status more meaningful.  It takes real work to develop those abilities (for those who don’t already have them), but Seth makes a great case for why it is worth it.

I hope I’ve made the case for why you should read the book.

You may not have the same anticipation or excitement as I did in this video, but it makes the book so much better if you do.

Books Thoughts

“What Matters Now” – in Paperback by Triiibes Press

You may have seen, a few posts ago, where I mentioned the free ebook put together by Seth Godin called What Matters Now.

Well, what matters now is that you buy the paperback version created by Triiibes Press.

One reaon is that all proceeds go to Room to Read a worthwhile charity that builds schools and libraries in third world countries.

Another reason is because the paperback version is the first book created by Triiibes Press, an entity conceived by a few members of Seth Godin’s online community (of which I am a member).  And you just may be seeing more amazing things being published in the future by Triiibes Press.

Why?  Because this community is the most remarkable set of individuals gathered together in one space that I know of.  They consist of a plethora of professions and skills, and span the globe, from Australia, the Canary Islands, to London and Slovenia.  They are so remarkable that I am traveling to New York next week to meet many of them in person.

Of course, many of us are also going there to see Seth’s new book release event, The Linchpin Session, but since we have a good reason to be there, we decided to plan a Triiibes conference also.  This is serious networking.

You wait and see.  Mark my words.  (I always wanted to say that.)  There will be some big things coming out of this loose organization of committed volunteers.  Because they are the kind of people who want to change the world.

Don’t you?

Let me know if you want to join us and I’ll see what I can do to get you in.