Movement Making

Don’t Miss the Second Day


Streaks and Habits

It’s not easy.

Keeping a streak.

I missed a day again.

What disturbs me the most is the reason: it totally slipped my mind.

How can something that you’ve been doing every day for months just completely not cross your mind?

Well, I think I know. There were some unique circumstances. And it involved me being completely obsessed with trying to accomplish a certain task. So, most of the afternoon and evening was consumed.

It might have crossed my mind earlier in the day, but I put it off. And that’s the dangerous part. Right at that moment I should have done something significant to make sure I would do it later. Like put a big note somewhere where I couldn’t miss it.

But no biggie. Who cares really? You wouldn’t have even noticed if I didn’t say anything.

I care.

I’m trying to do something here.

I’m trying to set up a new habit that is consistent. And even though I’m mostly successful (missing one day a month is not bad) I need to have a better system.

So, I’m going to figure something out.

(You don’t have to worry about it.)

Just stay tuned.

Or not 🙂


I almost forgot

If you don’t have a trigger, you won’t do it.

A trigger is something you can connect your new habit to. If you already do something every day, then to start a new daily habit you can connect it to your existing habits. Whenever I do this thing, I’ll do this new thing right after it (or before).

So, I haven’t had a trigger for blogging every day. I was just going off of pure will and memory. Which is a weak strategy (especially for me.)

It kind of feels like midnight is my trigger. I have to get everything done before midnight. But that’s no good.

I started connecting my 750 words habit to the end of my workday. As soon as I finish work, I get to write.

I was sort of connecting my blog posting to my 750 word writing, but not really. If you’re working on a new habit it’s probably not a good idea to connect another habit to it, if you’re not consistent. But actually, I’m on a great streak for writing 750 words each day – 17 days in a row!

So, we’ll see what happens. It’s fun to keep up your streaks. Make it a personal challenge.