The Domino Project – Looking for a Street Team

If you haven’t heard about it, Seth Godin, one of my favorite authors, is on a mission to change the book publishing industry.  As someone who has written many books, he knows the industry, the players, and the forces involved, so he knows what trends are happening now to create an opportunity for a new model to emerge.

This new model is called The Domino Project.  And even though no one really knows exactly how it will work, you can bet that it will be remarkable because it has the genius of Seth Godin behind it.  

This is a new model for spreading ideas, because books are just the medium or the souveniors of the ideas.   He has a small team who is working with him on this project, but he is looking for more people to be messengers ‘on the street’ so to speak, to spread the word and work the ‘outposts’ of this effort.

If you want to be a part of this movement, apply here by Friday, January 28th at noon ET.

Otherwise, at least just subscribe to the newsletter so you can be in on what’s happening.

I think it’s a fascinating idea.  Seth knows what he’s doing.  So be on the lookout for changes coming to the business of spreading messages.

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