Viva la Revolution (and more)

Do you ever get those phone calls where someone accidentally called you while their cell phone is in their pocket, and you can hear them in the background, so you keep listening just to eavesdrop on their unknowingly recorded conversation?

Well, that’s what happened here.  I thought I hung up after my post.

So you hear my whole conversation with my daughter on our way home from school.  And in goofy Dad style I try to guess the names of the kids in her little after school activity.

I really should delete this (and I still may) but it is so unique that I just had to leave it. (for now.)

Enjoy!    (you voyeur)

2 replies on “Viva la Revolution (and more)”

We have a goofy dad at our house, too. I think it would be awesome to have his antics on “tape” like this. My vote is: don’t delete it.

Thanks Leslie. Yep, me and the goofy dad at your house spent a lot of time together developing our goofiness during our formidable years.
Plus, we both had goofy dads ourselves, so the goofy tradition has been passed down from generation to generation throughout time.

To capture his antics, all you have to do is sneak some recording with your smart phone or something while he’s driving.

You could even record it live here on the blog by calling the secret number and entering the code. He might not like that too much. “Hey guess what? I just posted what you said on Rex’s blog.”

That would be too much… but hilarious.

I’ll watch for it 🙂

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