Snow Go.

2 replies on “Snow Go.”

We were in SLC this weekend for Christian’s debut at the Tabernacle and saw more snow than we wanted to. 🙂 It is lovely to look at from inside a warm house, but not so fun to drive in. Although the rain was worse. Of course, it’s supposed to be 90 degrees by this weekend here, so I guess we picked our poison.

Nice. Yes, my parents said they had 74 degrees one day, then the next day, 10 inches of snow. Craziness.

I forgot what 90 degrees felt like. I think I’d like to try that for a little while. We’ve been too cold and rainy for too long. We get all excited when we see the sun, so we like to go out in it, but then it’s still 50 degrees, so the excitement doesn’t last long.

So Christian had a debut at the Tabernacle? I didn’t see him with the MoTab. Tell me more.

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