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What Matters Now

Well, he’s done it again.  Seth Godin has unleashed an idea virus.

People like him have tremendous clout and power because so many people follow his every move.  But he also is able to utilize his power effectively because he doesn’t abuse it.  He doesn’t ask people to do things very often.  Most of the time he is giving out things, like wisdom, helpful hints, big ideas, links to others’ big ideas, sharing stories of amazing people, and so on.  This builds his respect and increases the number of followers.

Then, when he decides to make a real splash, he launches a request to his fans, which then become his army.

Except this time, he’s not just promoting his own book , but he’s using a multiplier of 70 major thinkers who have huge followings themselves, to promote his book and to promote their material.

He has brought them all together to publish a free e-book called “What Matters Now” and has asked everyone to spread it, tweet it, blog about it, and share it (oh yeah, and read it.)

Seth has found a way to tap into millions of people by collaborating with many leaders.

Yeah, it may look like I’m just a follower, but there is so much to learn here.  And his message is that every one of us can be a leader.  That feels good.

So what are you waiting for?

Download the free .pdf: what-matters-now