Looking Back

Do you know what’s fun?

Looking back.

Especially if you have done something good in your life in the past.  Sure, we always talk about focusing on the future and forgetting the past because there’s nothing we can do about what has already happened, and it seems like ‘the past’ is mostly associated with all the mistakes we made.  But you know what? I’ve done a few good things in the past.  And I think you have too.

So if you’re stuck in a rut, and things aren’t going so well, or you just need a boost…

Look back.

That’s what I did today.  And it worked.  I was really impressed with myself.  I’ve written some pretty good blog posts, that I completely forgot about.

I have been in somewhat of a blog posting fog, not able to produce very much at all.  (Now if you haven’t been following, I switched my blogging from here to which is a more focused topic, which may be why it’s harder to produce every day.)  So I decided to look back and see how I was able to crank out something every day. 

And I was impressed.

Then what happened?  I started writing this post.  It didn’t take any planning or real effort at all, it just came to me, “I’ve got to write this.”

So it worked.

Maybe it’ll work for you.