Back to the Grind (NOT)

Go matter!

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It Takes Time

This year, we chose to support our local tree farm, pay a little extra, and chop down our own Christmas tree.

It’s always a fun experience looking for just the right tree. Everyone has a different perspective on what is right for them, or their house, so it’s always a personal preference to find ‘the one’.

What’s interesting to me is the business model for Christmas tree farms. Here is something that took around 10 years to grow, and then you come let people cut them down in a few minutes. And in a few weeks your whole crop is gone.

We should have the patience of the Christmas tree farmer. Our success will not be overnight. Only after years of learning and unique experience will we have something valuable to offer the world.

Oh sure, it’ll have value before that time, but not as much. The price of the tree is determined by height.

And it’ll have different value for different people. You may be ‘the one’ for someone, but not for someone else.

The great thing about your value is that when someone uses it, it’s not gone. It’s still growing!

So sell your Christmas trees. Don’t cut them down.



Being generous is always a good idea.

But what does it mean to give thanks?

When you give something it’s like a gift, from me to you. I have it, and then I transfer ownership to you. It’s an act of letting go, of releasing, and of bestowing on someone else.

When I give thanks I am transferring and bestowing appreciation to you.

You really need to love and appreciate yourself first before you can give that to someone else. People who are selfish, insecure, and have low self esteem rarely appreciate anyone else. And they don’t appreciate what God or life has given them.

That is why it is hard to give thanks.

So give, and be thankful. You’re good enough.



Despite being a very unique year of tragedy, there’s a lot of thankfulness going around right now.

Mostly because it’s Thanksgiving week, but still, it’s a good idea to be thankful. It actually does work for changing your perspective and helping you feel happy.

And that is something everyone needs to feel.

No one likes sadness. But sometimes we feel drawn to it, and enjoy wallowing in it. Yes, there is a time to mourn, but it’s not all the time.

Our purpose is to have joy.

So go do things that will bring you joy. Even if they are just mental exercises.

Like thinking of things you’re thankful for.

I’m thankful for a place to broadcast ideas to the world.

(and for you reading them.)




I thought you were doing that…

They say all failures in business come down to poor communication.

(I don’t know if ‘they’ say that. But I just did.)

We just experienced a small failure in our group, and it was because someone thought someone else was taking care of a task, but they weren’t. So, as a consequence, one of our team members had an awful time joining our group during the pandemic because no one was reaching out to her and showing her the ropes about our group.

And that bothers me.

I really care about the experience of our team members. I would have taken on the task if I knew it wasn’t being done. I think this has taught me that you should never assume certain things, and that you can always make someone feel welcome to your group.

Don’t leave that to someone else. Everyone counts.


7 Seconds


Create to Create

Art begets art.

Creation creates more creation.

I’m learning that as I get on a regular routine of creation, or practice, I tend to want to create more. I’m developing confidence that I can create. I am a creator. Look, I do it every day. Oh, you want something else created? I can do that.

Of course, that’s my mind speaking to itself. When you’re doing it a bunch, and often, you know you can do it. And you can do more.

This is the real value of the practice.

Create, so you can create more.


How to be prolific

It’s true. You can have a blog and write every day and no one will see it.

You actually have to tell people about it. You have to advertise. But only if you want people to see it.

I’m not sure I’m there yet.

I do like people seeing my stuff and commenting and me being able to interact with them, but you know what it is? I don’t think this is good enough.

And that’s the Resistance talking.

This is just my scratch pad, my practice space. I’m not trying to be super wise, solve someone’s problem, be entertaining or interesting. I’m just writing, or talking something. Anything. Just so I can practice doing it every day.

Maybe someone will see it. Or maybe I’ll be brave enough to tell someone about it. Or maybe once I get the every day habit down, I’ll start a different one.

Or a bunch of them.

I could literally have 7 different blogs where I post once a week on each one by writing every day.

That actually sounds fun.

That would be being prolific.

But it would need to be seven different topics.

Well, watch out.

goofball practice

Ping Pong Post


Connections Matter


Calling it in


I almost forgot

If you don’t have a trigger, you won’t do it.

A trigger is something you can connect your new habit to. If you already do something every day, then to start a new daily habit you can connect it to your existing habits. Whenever I do this thing, I’ll do this new thing right after it (or before).

So, I haven’t had a trigger for blogging every day. I was just going off of pure will and memory. Which is a weak strategy (especially for me.)

It kind of feels like midnight is my trigger. I have to get everything done before midnight. But that’s no good.

I started connecting my 750 words habit to the end of my workday. As soon as I finish work, I get to write.

I was sort of connecting my blog posting to my 750 word writing, but not really. If you’re working on a new habit it’s probably not a good idea to connect another habit to it, if you’re not consistent. But actually, I’m on a great streak for writing 750 words each day – 17 days in a row!

So, we’ll see what happens. It’s fun to keep up your streaks. Make it a personal challenge.


No Boundaries

It’s kind of fun to write when you don’t have any boundaries. I can write whatever I want here. There’s no common theme, no subject I have to go deep into. No rails to keep me on track.

Then again, there’s no theme, no subject to learn, and no rails to keep me on track. Which means it’s probably not very interesting to read.

And there’s the rub. Constraints make us better. They make us more creative and more focused.

But, let me remind you, if you couldn’t tell from my last 3 posts. My goal here isn’t to be interesting… yet. It’s to post every day.

That’s my one constraint.

And if it happens to be interesting to you sometimes. Bonus!

Thanks for reading.


A Try