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Do you want to spread your word?

The main way people are spreading word about their ‘stuff’ is to ask people who can reach a lot of people to talk about it.  In other words, they ask famous bloggers to blog about it.

This is somewhat analagous to trying to get your commercial on TV during the Super Bowl instead of putting it up on a local PBS channel.  But I think there is less money that exchanges hands, even though it is probably more effective advertising.

So if you want to try and ask a famous blogger to promote your stuff, Chris Brogan has some great tips.  And it involves a little more effort than slappin’ down dollar bills.  This is the ‘Trust Economy’, maybe more work, but probably more valuable than cash.

There’s also another tactic you can use in this new economy.  Instead of asking a famous blogger like Chris Brogan to promote your stuff, you can also easily ask someone else you already know (built trust with) to blog about your stuff.  Sure, their blog may not go out to hundreds of thousands of people, but maybe they might reach a few people.  And who knows, maybe those few people might tell a few more people about your stuff, and so on.

If you get enough small time people blogging about it, you just might reach a big time audience.

I guess what I’m saying is that if you want me to mention something for you, just go ahead and ask.  It could be a mutual benefit for both of us.  (If your thing is really cool.)


Trust Agents

One of my favorite bloggers, Chris Brogan, is releasing a new book, and I’m betting that it’ll be pretty good.  It hasn’t officially released yet (supposed to on August 24th) but it is already #30 on Amazon’s overall top seller list (passing up Twilight).  So a lot of other people think it’s going to be a good book too.

He doesn’t usually self promote, but on one day, yesterday, he made a big push.  Here’s his announcement:

and here’s how to get the book:

I think his subject is going to be at the root of how things get done in the future – both online and off.

Trust me.  It’ll be good.

I’m your trust agent.

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A telephone call

There really is no end to what’s happening ‘out there’ and who are the movers and shakers. 

I found another one, Dave Winer, who pioneered the development of weblogs, syndication (RSS), podcasting, outlining, and web content management software.  He is a former contributing editor at Wired Magazine, research fellow at Harvard Law School, entrepreneur, and investor in web media companies.

What was interesting to me was his  podcast phone call with Chris Brogan, marketing mogul. 

What do you do when you want the world to hear what a smart, influencial person has to say about the latest trends in social marketing?  Call him up, record the conversation, and create a podcast.  Genious.

It’s 30 minutes long, but you don’t have to listen to the whole thing.  It’s just kind of fun to listen to two smart guys having a conversation.  Plus, you can learn something about what’s happening in the twitter, blog, web 2.0 world.

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Your Next Presentation

There are lots of books and web sites and people who give advice on how to give good presentations.  And if you give presentations (who doesn’t) it’s probably a good idea to learn as much as you can.

But even though there may be timeless principles on presenting a message, I think you’ll find that there are some new ideas that are challenging some of the old ones that have been around a while.

Check out this great post I found recently from Chris Brogan .  It seems to match some of the other concepts I’ve heard from successful presenters lately.

For the interested student, other current masters of presentations are:


Learn something different and make your next presentation a smash hit.